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Apricot Tree is a boutique consulting firm specialized in two sectors: Media and Hospitality based in Dubai, UAE, established on 2003 in Canada.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to a variety of sectors from all over the world. Our consultants are experts in their industries that specialize in innovation, quality management as well as sustainable strategy development to help clients achieve their business plans.

Whether you’re an up and coming small business or established firm planning to expand your operations, Apricot Tree can help you work out an effective and efficient strategy that will make your business objectives an attainable reality.

Unlike other consulting firms, Apricot Tree seeks to develop clients’ creative ideas and help them to transform these ideas into reality. In the meantime, our consultants can add value to entrepreneurs that have their existing firms and they need to expand them vertically and horizontally.

Recognizing the competitive nature of both the hospitality and media industry, it’s imperative to develop a business plan that goes beyond the traditional plans, a plan of action that will incorporate a mixture of both old and new methods to yield the best possible results.

With over a decade of experience in providing consulting services, we utilize proven strategies and techniques using a customer-centric approach. We work in partnership with our customers to develop individuals, teams and organizations.

Our areas of expertise include culture transformation adaptation, management, leadership, sales, finance, human resources and cross-departmental development as well as executive coaching and general business consultancy services.

At Apricot Tree, we recognize that our people and culture are our most vital assets. As an independent company, we offer a conducive work environment that is collaborative, diverse, flexible and stimulating. With this, our consultants that specialized in different industries: Media, Hospitality, Training and Human Resources are able to develop individually and professionally while providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our areas of expertise cover Strategy, International Expansion, Management performance systems, Business Process Re-engineering, start-up companies, Family-Owned firms and Management Technology Implementation.

Apricot Tree is known for its superior training programs, coaching and consulting services. As a boutique consulting firm, we can help your business generate growth, enhance management systems, maximize revenue and develop a sustainable competitive edge through customized business solutions.

We service businesses and NGOs across Middle East and North Africa (MENA) or those expanding their operation or reach to the MENA region.

Our extensive international experiences along with collaborating with a wide network of international business partners we have a distinctive advantage to deliver excellent results our clients need to succeed in business as well as the global society.

Apricot Tree is the best consulting firm to help your firm’s hospitality and media business goals. Our team of expert consultants can deliver solutions with unmatched value.

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About usApricot Tree, Inc.

Apricot Tree, Inc. is a successful and established Canadian Consultancy company headquartered in Montréal, Canada with a presence in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2003

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