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Apricot Tree is comprised of a team of carefully selected individuals who have a rich and varied industry experience that will be able to provide our clients with invaluable guidance in business development and growth.

As a consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE, our services are accessed by business owners, investors, developers, operators and other institutions. We provide an in-depth knowledge, based on careful and comprehensive analysis, of the specific needs of your company.
Apricot Tree’s team of consultants and staff bring years of experience in various industries. Unlike other consulting firms, our company takes its recruitment process seriously. We only hire professionals who have excelled in their fields and are therefore able to provide our clients with the best guidance for optimal results.
The team of Apricot Tree provides clients with recommendations in tacking critical concerns through a comprehensive review and analysis. Information we provide can assist you in making key decisions that are in line with industry trends. 

Each and every consultant in our firm brings with them a diverse background of experience that range from Media, Hospitality, Training and Human Resources. With this, we are more than prepared to contribute to the success of your business enterprise.





About usApricot Tree, Inc.

Apricot Tree, Inc. is a successful and established Canadian Consultancy company headquartered in Montréal, Canada with a presence in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2003

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