Media and Creative Industries

Here at Apricot Tree, our specialization lies in growth strategy and business expansion.
Our list of valued clients we have assisted in achieving high-impact results include key actors in TV, media production, events, show, music, radio, newspapers, magazines, licensed consumer products, and many other areas. 
We help our clients expand their business and meet the challenge of new technologies and competition. The range of experience our consultants bring enables them to assist you in navigating through the various phases of business development. 
Our primary goal is to help our clients realize their ideas and make it a reality and expanding their existing business in different forms.

Concept Creation
Apricot Tree helps entrepreneurs and investors create unique concepts for successful business and help them to transform ideas into reality. 
By delving into concept creation with our team, we will begin with brainstorming sessions where the entrepreneur and our consultants establish the present situation and goals. Following this, our team will help the client develop and enhance ideas and possible opportunities and engage in all aspects related to the development of a new concept or improve the existent.

Strategy Tailoring 
We provide a thorough analysis for our client’s industry. The comprehensive analysis is supported by significant market, financial and competitors’ analysis. Armed with such information, our team of expert consultants will be better able to map appropriate strategies that will respond to the market forces and needs, bring about viable strategies, which ultimately results in first-class outcomes. 

Business Planning
One of the key factors for the success of any business is a clear and achievable business plan. In order to create this, consultants will work with our clients to:
• Clarify the vision and decide whether we can work together to achieve the desired results.
• Provide clients with a study about the market with regards to products and services.
• Provide clients with an estimated timeline and the necessary funds needed for investment.
• Provide a marketing strategy that will attract potential investors for project financing.
• Develop a clear definition of the target market and the detailed operational strategy for the identified target geographical market.
• Define the concept and to creating the brand.
• Build a road map to define and the objectives and its accompanying milestones.
• Define the company’s competitive advantages and present situation with regards to the market.
• Define the most appropriate legal form.
• Provide a thorough analysis of potential risks and how to address them. 
• Provide a full financial road map through the business pro-forma as a method of project management.

Management System
Our services equip clients with a deeper understanding of their business environment that will enable sound implementation of a comprehensive management and control system.
Performance Management Systems Implementation 
In today’s complex business environment, Apricot Tree believes that opportunities are still abundant. Through the improvement of performance and enhancement of management systems, sustainable growth through attainment of higher markets’ shares can be achieved. 
When seeking to improve the performance of an organization, Apricot Tree can assist clients gain business insights through the provision and use of diagnostic models that will provide systemic assessments to achieve measurable and sustainable improvements. With the identification of the areas of improvement, we suggest the most adequate Organizational Performance Management System to ensure improvement. Our advisors posses have extensive experience in Performance Management System such as Balanced Scorecards, Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Strategic Planning, all of which are at your disposal as our clients. 

Team Training
Our services include training client’s management team and staff to implement learnings for enterprise development. Our customized in-house training programs cover following areas:
•Create and ensure teamwork.
•Increase customer’s satisfaction.
•Achieve consistency in offerings and services.
•Decrease employee’s turnover rate.


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